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Have a delicious breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen

One of the best dining bets at the Disneyland Resort is Goofy’s Kitchen.  Located at the Disneyland Hotel, Goofy’s Kitchen serves a massive buffet for breakfast and dinner and features favorite Disney characters.

Goofy's Kitchen


Here is the Cast of Characters for this fun breakfast.  Goofy is, of course, our Head Chef.  Pluto is his Sous Chef, Minnie is the Pastry Chef and Chip and Dale work as Servers.

The restaurant is a large, winding space – with good natural light and nice space between tables.

Goofy's Kitchen


For breakfast, you are immediately tempted by these sweet breakfast treats…

Oh, hello Dale!

Goofy's Kitchen

After visiting with Dale, there are savory items to sample…

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