The best waffles are Mickey Waffles and you can make them at home!

Mickey Waffles are a favorite breakfast treat on our family Disney vacations and I love to recreate some of the Disney magic at home.

Copy of Disneyland Mickey Mouse Beignets

Mmmmm… Mickey Waffles.  An absolute “Must Eat” treat on any Disney vacation.


Did you know that there are also different character waffles that can be found around Walt Disney World, and they taste great as well?

At the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can find cute Simba Waffles.


And at the Art of Animation Resort food court, waffles are made into fun Finding Nemo and Cars designs (to go with your Nemo or Cars family suite!).



But why do they taste so good?  So much better than our waffles at home?  It can’t just be the shape… can it?

This is the secret – the actual waffle mix that they use at the Disney Parks and the Disney Cruise Line!  The slightly sweet, malt flavor of Carbon’s Golden Malted mix is what makes Mickey Waffles taste so special – well, that and a little bit of Pixie Dust 🙂  I was able to purchase this on Amazon – so you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to search for it.


Of course, you need a Mickey Waffle Maker to make the perfectly shaped Mickey Waffles.  The ones they use in the parks are super expensive commercial grade waffle makers, but there are some affordable alternatives.  I have two different versions and I just had to make both shapes to compare!

First, make the batter.  The mix is very simple…

5 ounces of water mixed up with one egg.


Then stir in 1 cup of the waffle mix and add 2 Tablespoons of melted butter.


Here is Mickey Waffle Maker #1 – technically it makes waffle “pops” – you can add popsicle sticks to the sides so your waffles can be on the sticks – but it isn’t necessary.

Heat up the Mickey Waffle Maker…


Pour in your batter.


And after about 2 minutes, you get these beautiful Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles!  I think these are so cute.


I also like that they have almost a Belgian Waffle depth, which makes them extra yummy.


Mickey Waffle Maker #2 makes one larger Mickey face.




I recommend using plastic or silicon tongs to lift your waffles out of the machine – so the non-stick surface doesn’t get scraped up.


Here are the larger Mickey Waffles with Mickey’s face.  My kids prefer these waffles, but I like the thicker, smaller ones best.  Of course, they taste practically the same… and the same as Disney’s versions… because of the special Waffle Mix.

Have you found any other character waffles around the resorts?  I’m going to be searching for more on our next trip!  Until then, I will be enjoying my Mickey Waffles at home!


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