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The best travel capsule wardrobe for a trip to Disneyland


Have you noticed that Capsule Wardrobes are all the rage right now?  I’ve been a bit obsessed myself lately, perusing Pinterest and trying to organize my closet with the perfect blend of minimalism and functionality.

Planning for my own trip to Disneyland which is coming up in a few weeks, I thought it might be fun to create a travel capsule wardrobe for my vacation.  I wanted to create the perfect visual packing list to help me… and others… pack for their Disney adventure!

This is Step One of my packing  – clothes for me, or as I am most often called… Mommy.  I will obviously pack much more than what is pictured here because I will also bring items for my kids, but this post is just for my stuff.

Here we go… a nice travel day outfit.  Comfortable clothes for the plane (with a cardigan and scarf if the plane is chilly), slip-on shoes for security lines, and a roomy backpack for my carry-on essentials (laptop, snacks, etc).



Yay!  Now we are in sunny California at the Disneyland Resort!  A day of park-hopping necessitates easy-to-wear shorts and a Mickey t-shirt.  Comfortable walking shoes (I highly recommend Sketchers shoes), sunglasses, and backpack are important too.  The Minnie ears are optional, but everyone is a kid at Disneyland, so go for it!  I have been to the parks so many times that I have quite the collection of hats and ears, so I bring a favorite with me from home.

Dinner at the fine-dining establishment Napa Rose requires something a bit more special than shorts and a Disney shirt.  A stretchy, non-wrinkling dress works for dinner and walking in the parks. Dressed up a bit with some nice sandals and you will fit right in with all of the rest of the diners.



On a cooler day or for touring the parks in the evening, you may want to cover up a bit more. A cozy sweatshirt does the trick.  The skort dresses things up a bit, but is just as comfortable as shorts.  I bought this particular skort at Duluth Trading Company and it is my favorite piece of park clothing.  It is fast drying (great for humid weather or the occasional wet ride), the shorts under the skirt make it easy to be active (and modest when getting in and out of the attraction vehicles), and the cargo pockets are great for stashing essentials.  When wearing this skort I can often forgo bringing a bag with me to the parks at all.  When someone says skort I think of a matronly piece of clothing, but I think this one is cute.

Although it never rains in Southern California (ha ha), it is smart to bring a lightweight rain jacket or poncho with you.  The Colombia brand jacket that I own folds very small and I don’t mind packing it in my luggage.



Hopefully it doesn’t rain during our trip, so we will have a nice pool day after touring the parks for a day or two.  I like to pack two bathing suits with me, even when packing light, because there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to squeeze into a damp bathing suit if you swim two days in a row.

I am also pretty casual with my pajama choices.  When packing fewer items I try to have clothes that can do double-duty if needed.  So, my pajama bottoms can be joggers that could be worn during the day if it became unusually cool.  The tank can be worn in the parks and the cardigan can be used as a sweater and a robe inside your hotel room.  Flip flops function as slippers, pool shoes and rainy day foot ware.



Here is a visual of the tops, bottoms and accessories that I would pack for a week-long trip to the Disneyland Resort.  It is basically casual, comfortable clothes that can be mixed and matched as needed.  Now that I am pretty well organized… on to the kids!

That will be Part Two 🙂