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It’s National Popcorn Day – What’s the best Popcorn in the world?


Yep. That’s right!  Popcorn in the Disney Parks just tastes so much better than any other popcorn (yes, Movie Theater Popcorn… I’m looking at you).

There is something about walking down Main Street, U.S.A. with a carton of Disney popcorn that means your vacation has begun!

Disney has made getting popcorn even more special by selling souvenir popcorn buckets, which I love to collect.  Holiday buckets, Cinderella Coach buckets, Star Wars buckets… they are all so fun to see.  I want them all.  Do you love Disney popcorn and what is your favorite souvenir bucket?



How Festive is a Very MerryTime Cruise on the Disney Cruise Line?



Holidays at home are wonderful, of course, but they are also hard work!

Sometimes it is nice to have someone else make the moments magical, at least for a few days. Amazing decorations, food, entertainment… Disney does it best!

My family took a four night Very Merry Time cruise on the Disney Wonder and it was fantastic! It was a really great way to start the holidays and get everyone in the spirit of the season. I mean, how can you not be in a great mood when you step into the ship’s atrium and are greeted with this gorgeous display of Christmas cheer?



The entire ship is decorated with special holiday touches and just looks a bit more fancy than its normal everyday splendor.


As you will find in the lobbies of the Deluxe resorts at the Disney parks, you will find a beautiful gingerbread house to delight your family in the ship’s atrium.


And you may even find a friend or two if you look closely…


On our first night of the cruise, there was a “Tree Lighting Ceremony” for the huge Christmas tree in the atrium. The show was very cute and included some of our good Disney friends singing holiday songs and getting everyone ready for our special vacation.

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