One of the best things about Epcot’s World Showcase is that you can lose yourself for a moment and forget that you are really in central Florida.   The pavilions have such detailed architecture, the friendly Cast Members come from the country you are visiting, and the food is authentic and delicious.  Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie offers a great variety of both savory (described in a previous post) and sweet treats.



Here is a menu of the pastries and desserts..




The sweets offered at the shop are perfect for a quick snack or dessert…   Which one (or two) would you choose?






Tarte Aux Fraises (vanilla cream topped with strawberry)



 Tarte Au Citron (lemon cream topped with meringue)



 Tarte Au Chocolat (caramel cream and chocolate mousse)



 Tarte Aux Pommes (puff pastry dough with caramelized apples)



Vanilla Éclair (éclair filled with vanilla cream)



 Chocolate Éclair (éclair filled with chocolate cream)



 Parfait Aux Fruits (yogurt mousse with berries)



 Napoleon (puff pastry layered with cream)



 Mousse Au Chocolat (chocolate mousse)



 Macaron (macaroon with raspberry and lime cream)



 Framboise (raspberry mousse cake)



Duo Au Chocolat (white and dark chocolate mousse cake)



Crème Brulee (caramelized vanilla custard)



 Café Liegeois (coffee and cream mousse with chocolate)



Biscuit Chocolat (Chocolate Chip Cookie)

It is easy to see why Les Halles always seems to have a line (although it moves fairly quickly) as there is something for everyone… Whether you like fruit desserts, cream-filled sweets or are a chocoholic, you will find it very difficult to choose between all of these delectable treats!   Even better news is that if you are on a Disney Dining Plan, many of the selections can be purchased with your Snack Credits.

Our preferred French treats are the Tarte aux Fraises and the Tarte au Citron, but you really cannot go wrong here.    What is your favorite?


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Epcot’s France pavilion is home to  the wonderful Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie.  This expanded space towards the back of the pavilion replaces the small, very popular bakery that made its home in the World Showcase for many years.

Although we loved the old France bakery, Les Halles is a welcome change.  We love the expanded menu and less cramped space.  The addition of some seating (not a lot, but some) is also helpful.

When you think of going to the Boulangerie Patisserie, your thoughts may go directly to the wonderful sweet treats.  However, they offer a good variety of savory items as well.  This is a great spot to have a nice, quick lunch while touring World Showcase.



Here is a the new menu:



Here is a look at some of the more savory options:


 Jambon et Beurre (ham and cheese, Dijon mustard butter on a demi baguette)



 Dinde B.L.T. (turkey, lettuce, bacon, tomato and garlic aioli)



 Quiche Lorraine (ham & gruyere quiche)



 Quiche Florentine (spinach & goat cheese quiche)



Croque Monsieur (toasted ham & cheese) and Pissaladiere (tomatoes, olives & gruyere cheese)


 Salad Nicoise and Blue Cheese Salad



 Poulet au Pistou (chicken breast with cheese, tomato, red onion & pesto)



 Croissant Jambon Fromage (ham, cheese and béchamel in a croissant)



 Roule au Fromage (cheese and garlic roll)



 Fromage (Cheese plate)

Les Halles is a great choice for a meal if you are in the mood for a quick bite,  but don’t want to settle for another burger and fries.  These options will make you feel like you are in Paris… if only for a little while!

During our most recent visit, we chose a Poulet et Pistou sandwich and a Quiche Lorraine and they really satisfied.  The chicken sandwich was very flavorful and the quiche was delicious with a buttery crust and tender interior.


Poulet au Pistou sandwich with it’s top bread removed



View of the inside of the Quiche Lorraine.

We really enjoy Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie and we hope you will too!

A tour of the gorgeous pastry options is coming soon… yum!


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